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The Ball of Yarn was opened in September 2011 in Ormond Beach, Florida but we have been around for much longer. The first yarn shop The Threads of Time was opened up in November 1998. Unfortunately that business closed down but over that time we have gained a wealth of knowledge. We are a mother-daughter team that are passionate about knitting and crochet and treat everyone like family.


Sandi Van EppsSandi Van Epps

Sandi started knitting when she was nine years old. One day her aunt came over with needles and a ball of yarn and said you need to stop biting your nails and do something else with your hands.

She started on a pair of mittens that day and the rest was history. She has now been knitting for over 57 years and is now learning to crochet.



Pauline OrlowskiPauline Orlowski

Pauline started crocheting when she was five years old. Many years later Pauline had a friend who spent her lunch break knitting. Pauline admired the work of two needles and the following day they went out to purchase yarn and a needle to knit a sweater. This was in 1960. Since then Pauline has attended countless seminars and classes learning all kinds of new techniques. She lives by the philosophy that the best way to knit is whatever is most comfortable to you.



Charities In Ormond Beach

Charities in Ormond Beach

We are active in the Ormond Beach community as well as both Volusia and Flagler County. We love to give back. Yarn work isn’t just about making cool things; it’s about creating things that will genuinely help others.

Every three months we donate to a different charity located in Florida. We have a box in the front corner of the store where you can donate. There are only two rules we have for donations. The first is they must be washable and dryable. The second is to not fringe prayer shawls. There are four charities we donate to every year.

In addition to this we strongly promote the education of fiber crafts to the youth of America and have worked with the girl scouts.

We also donate leftover yarn to the United Methodist Church and the Senior Citizen Center. If you are around our area feel free to drop off any leftover yarn you no longer need. Whether you are located in Daytona Beach or in St. Augustine we will take your donations no matter what kind of yarn it is.