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Knitting and Crocheting–Growing and Expanding in Popularity

Knitting and Crochet - Growing and Expanding in Popularity

In today's pressured and insulated world, people of all ages and backgrounds in Mount Dora are constantly seeking ways to relax and reconnect with their fellow human beings, without relying solely on Facebook or tweeting; many are actively looking for creative and calming activities that will help relieve tensions and offer creative release. When the national economy and tensions rise, so does the popularity of these crafts: Knitting and crocheting offer comfortable and constructive ways to counter the outside issues by their soothing and subtle activities.

The Ball of Yarn offers classes for beginners through experts that are constantly full and expanding. The popularity of these crafts has risen steadily over the past decade, their psychological benefits increasing their attractiveness in addition to their personal satisfaction and creative powers. The knitting and crocheting activities of the age group of 25-34 have increased over 150% in the past 10 years. Knitting and crocheting are growing in popularity thanks to many factors: the availability of a wide variety of materials and patterns (including organic and web-generated), the "star" power they exhibit (Kate Moss and Hilary Swank openly knit) and the social networking participants use to share their creations.

Widening Popularity of Knitting and Crochet

Younger generations have come to realize that these crafts produce tangible items that are both useable and fashionable and provide outlets for stress and anxiety, as well as social concoctions. The saying these days is "I'm Hip and I Knit"; there are even groups offering tongue in cheek "stitch and b..tch" sessions. But the intentions of the wide range of knitters and crotcheters are not just personal; they are actively engaged in projects to help local and international organizations supply needed garments and supplies. They produce hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and clothing articles for children's homes and military installations across the nation and world.

There are worldwide events (World Wide Knit in Public Week) that highlight the creative powers and personal fulfillment knitting and crocheting can offer individuals, as well as the social and global appeal of these arts. This annual knitting week is truly international, a global offering of knitting and crocheting events celebrating the joys of these fabric arts to all generations and genders. Knitting in Public events range from large gatherings in public locations (such as parks and libraries) to "knit bombing" trees and local monuments to highlight the diverse pleasures and contributions knitting and crocheting can accomplish. There is also National Crocheting Month to promote this skill as no longer just for making doilies, but also fashionable and satisfying.

Knitting Patterns

The Ball of Yarn store serves the communities of Mount Dora and New Smyrna Beach and offer the latest in techniques and patterns, as well as a wide range of materials and supplies; the story's underlying goal is to offer everything you need to enjoy and engage in these lively and relaxing activities. Yarn from across the US and the globe and in a rainbow of colors is readily available; the professional staff will guide you through the selection process, selecting the perfect yarn for your selected project. There are meetings and gatherings scheduled to introduce the latest in fabrics, patterns and techniques, so the novice or expert can enjoy the widest variety of these arts.

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The Ball of Yarn yarn store offers yarn on sale throughout the year; there are always new and unique yarn varieties coming in. TBY's welcoming atmosphere and staff will gladly help you find your required materials in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Your satisfaction and continued enjoyment of knitting and crocheting is their number one priority.

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