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Over the past five to 10 years, many people have been moving toward a more ‘natural’ way of spending their free time. This means getting away from the television, smart phones, and computers, and engaging in activities that don’t require batteries. Finding an enjoyable, relaxing and productive pastime in Winter Garden is as easy as picking up a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook and some yarn.

Turning to Yarn

The handicrafts of crochet and knitting have definitely been enjoying resurgence. People are coming to realize that these activities are fun, creative and relaxing. In addition, in our rush-rush world, we all need more ways to relax. People are finding out that there is a reason Grandma kept knitting socks other than just keeping her hands busy.

Turning to Yarn

Some people, especially the younger generation (including boys!), are taking up learning how to crochet or knit. Working with yarn provides an outlet for creativeness, while at the same time providing a relaxing experience. Discovering the art of knitting and crochet at a yarn shop provides a learning experience that is fun. Making something practical with your own hands can provide a great sense of achievement.

Knitting is accomplished using two long “needles,” while crochet is done using a crochet ‘hook.’ A simplistic description of the art is the making of an item of fabric using a series of knots. The way the knots are made however, are what make the product beautiful. Crochet and knitting yarns are the same and choosing crochet or yarn at your favorite knitting store can be a wonderful visual and tactile experience. Yarn shops like The Ball of Yarn carries yarn wool and blends in all the colors of the rainbow and textures from string-like to fluffy ‘eyelash’, and everything in between.

The yarns we carry include Lang Yarn, Adriafil, Southwest Trading Company, Berocco, Blue Ridge, Lucci, Kraemer, Tahki Stacy Charles, Brown Sheep, Swedish Yarns, Schopple Wolle, and Universal Yarn.

Crochet and Knit

The Creative Process

Once you have the basics down you can become more creative than simply knitting or crocheting a straight scarf. At the yarn store, you will find knitting patterns galore for sale that will fill your head with ideas. You can also find free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns in a yarn store and also online.

Planning and learning to design your own patterns can be exhilarating; this is where you can really show your artistry. When looking for the right texture and color of yarn for your creation in Winter Garden, be sure to go where you know there is a knitting shop with yarn for sale.

Knitting vs Crochet

What We Cover

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Social Benefits

Many people see needlework as a solitary hobby that ‘old’ people practice. However, the majority of people come to knitting and crochet through someone they know. Spending time with your mentor learning this new skill means good times. Many yarn shops offer classes as well. Joining classes is a wonderful way to meet new people and maybe make some lifetime friends. Sharing your work when you’ve completed a project is definitely good for the ego as others ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over your new finished work.

Social Benefits

Those who knit and crochet love to share their knowledge with others and love to see their students succeed with the projects they choose. In addition, no matter how proficient you are, when you get stuck, there is always someone who knows more and can help you out. Going over a knitting pattern with a new friend creates a way to connect with new people. Working with yarn provides a lovely way to get to know new people because your hands are busy and all you have left is to use your mouth. You can’t text and knit at the same time!

Enthusiasts of working with yarn are putting together social groups and are creating public knitting and crochet circles that are not only productive, but also serve as a community event. There is also a worldwide event called the Worldwide Knit in Public Week. Teens, men, women and children are all encouraged to participate.

The Place to Go

If you are anywhere near Ormond Beach, you are lucky because you are within range of The Ball of Yarn. Mother and daughter Pauline Orlowski and Sandi Van Epps opened the yarn store with knitting and crochet fans in mind. The shop is a place where Pauline and Sandi share their love of working with yarn and teaching others. You will find many types of yarn on sale and they are there to help you choose the kind you need for your next project and they are always available for questions if you hit a snag.

The Place To Go

Pauline and Sandi are always happy to help someone just starting out working with yarn as a new hobby. If you are looking for classes for learning to knit or crochet, The Ball of Yarn offers several classes each month to help newcomers and experienced crafters alike. Along with regular knitting, we also offer lessons in Tunisian style and have several special projects throughout the year. In addition, we participate in charity work knitting and crochet and create and donate items to local charities such as a local hospital, hospice and maternity center.

The Ball of Yarn is more than just a yarn store. It is a place to come browse, sit down, relax and visit with the people in the shop. Weekly classes provide a wonderful outlet to display your latest accomplishment in yarn. Come and join us for fun, friends, and fabulous yarn!

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